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A story of freshness


About bmq

Western Australian brand generates a high standard of luxurious make-up accessories. Driven to excel in products of quality that is afforded by everyone.

We're aiming to be distinct from the pack at BMQ. Always keep ahead or make our own trends. One of our greatest goals is to produce quality products, but also to maintain our client’s happiness as they are BMQ's real success.

We enjoy keeping stuff lean and mean at BMQ. All our products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free as well. To help decrease the waste, even our packaging is recycled. We're trying our utmost here at BMQ to limit our effect on the globe. 

how bmq was developed 

Boujee Maquillage is a luxurious high-end makeup brand inspired by a young creative female who wanted to produce something like she had never seen before. 

The name Boujee Maquillage all began after I had struggled for weeks to come up with a distinctive brand name and nothing like I had heard before. The definition influenced the term Boujee.  


Boujee describes luxury but humble. That being said, because it's not a popular term, Boujee is the correct style I wanted to follow in a brand name. I tried to create a name that would catch your eyes and one you wouldn't forget. I couldn't stop thinking about how posh and elegant it sounded.

When I heard the French term Maquillage it was instant love. Maquillage actually stands for makeup in French. I wanted to use the world maquillage as I couldn't get it out of my head. Once I began building various sentences, I figured that nothing like BMQ had jumped at me like so.

why us?

Boujee Maquillage is an Australian-based self-managed company interested in producing Stella products for its customers.

Filled with many hours and days of finding the most defined and practical makeup brush to assist with your regular makeup routine. We at BMQ like our products to be unlike our competitors to help make a diverse market for the beauty world. 

While searching for distinctive products on the market, BMQ is also looking for quality brushes as this is our primary concern. The quality of the product, apart from the clients, is the primary component of the placed business. 

Here at BMQ, we’re obsessed with makeup and everything in-between so we’re here to dedicate our life to something the interests you and will help you develop your makeup skills. 

cruelty free

When you buy from Boujee Maquillage, you won't have to worry about harming animals or nature as all our products are proudly free of Cruelty. Here at BMQ, this is a huge deal for us as we believe animals should not go through pain just for our benefit. All animals, like us beings, have the capacity to suffer. 

They feel pain and loneliness just to name a few, but when they are in need they don't have a voice like we do to call out. Animal supports believe that animals have worth and should be completely separate from usefulness to humans. Since each individual has such an important impact on this world, why not try to make a positive life for someone who can’t speak out for themselves.

 Next time you go to purchase a product. Look and see if it includes the logo free of cruelty to assist the ban on abuse of animals. You can really assist alter the future for animal rights with such a tiny intervention.

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